Touch Typing Tutors and Games

A collection of links to touch typing tutors and games.

Online Typing Tutors


  • Fonttype (windows) - Look front. Type looking front. Frontype!.
    • Onscreen keyboard to learn typing (instead of tutors). Interesting idea, I didn’t try this myself
  • GNU Typist (cross-platform) - typing tutor
  • The Typing of the Dead (windows game) - Wikipedia, Steam
  • Typing chronicles - a beautiful atmospheric 3D action/adventure typing game

Touch Typing Games

Keyboard Memo

Keyboard with finger positions (source:

Keyboard Memo

Shows which key should be pressed with which finger (middle pink is for index fingers, green for middle fingers and so on).

Grey keys: I usually use pinky here, except for the space bar).

Space bar: Press with left thumb after typing a letter with right hand and press with the right thumb after typing a letter with left hand.

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