Disqus - code formatting and highlighting in comments

It is possible to format and have syntax highlighting for code in Disqus comments. To do that, wrap the code into <pre><code> tags (see the example comment to this post).

I didn’t know about this feature and, acutally, I think this is an UI flaw.

It would be great to see the formatting help link or popup when you are editing the comment (and also the preview feature would be really nice to have).

It is also possible to specify the language, for example <code class="javascript">.

See how this code was formatted in the comment to this post:

    <pre><code class="javascript">
    const verifyUser = function(username, password, callback) {
       dataBase.verifyUser(username, password, (error, userInfo) => {
           if (error) return callback(error);
           getRoles(username, userInfo, callback);

    const getRoles = function(username, userInfo, callback) {
       dataBase.getRoles(username, (error, roles) => {
           if (error) return callback(error)
           logAccess(username, userInfo, roles, callback);

    const logAccess = function(username, userInfo, roles, callback) {
       dataBase.logAccess(username, (error) => {
           if (error) return callback(error);
           callback(null, userInfo, roles);

More information in the Disqus help - Syntax highlighting.

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