vim - replace a word with yanked text

To replace a word (or other text) with a text from the clipboard, select the new text and then paste clipboard version over:

  • Yank inner word: yiw
  • Move cursor to another word
  • Select it and paste over: viwp
  • If you need to replace more words:
    • Option 1: gvy to reselect and copy pasted word then do viwp on another word
    • Option 2: use viw"0p on another word, here "0p will paste from 0 register (the default register will contain previously replaced word)

Deleting, changing and yanking text copies the affected text to the unnamed register ("").

Yanking text also copies the text to register 0 ("0).

So the command yiw copies the current word to "" and to "0.

Typing viw selects the current word, then pressing p pastes the unnamed register over the visual selection. The visual selection is deleted to the unnamed register.

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