oauth 1.0 notes

oAuth 1.0 flow

A good explanation image from oauth.net:

oAuth flow

Flow description:

  • Consumer has Consumer Key and Consumer Secret (shared secret)
  • A) Consumer requests Request Token
    • call get_request_token from Service Provider, send
      • oauth_consumer_key
      • oauth_signature_method
      • oauth_signature
      • here oauth_signature - is signature of the request created using Consumer Secret, simplified example:
      • $signature = md5($request_text . $consumer_secret)
      • both sides (Consumer and Service Provider) knows consumer_secret and able to perform this operation, so Service Provider can check whether signature is valid
  • B) Service provider returns Request Token
    • oauth_token
    • oauth_token_secret
  • C) Consumer redirects User to Service Provider
    • oauth_token (request token from B)
  • D) User confirms access and Service Provider redirects User to Consumer
    • oauth_token (request token from B)
    • oauth_verifier (request token verifier)
  • E) Consumer requests Access Token
    • call get_access_token, send
      • oauth_consumer_key
      • oauth_token (request token from B)
      • oauth_signature_method
      • oauth_signature
      • oauth_verifier
    • here oauth_signature - is signature of the request created using request token secret from B
    • note, that on step A Consumer uses his Consumer Secret to sign the request and here he use request token secret
  • F) Service provider grants Access Token
    • oauth_token
    • oauth_token_secret
  • G) Consumer Accesses Protected Resources
    • request includes
      • oauth_consumer_key
      • oauth_token (request token from F)
      • oauth_signature_method
      • oauth_signature
      • here oauth_signature created using Access Token secret



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