Window managers for Google Chrome

A list of extensions to manage position of chrome tabs / windows and to create splits. Descriptions are original texts from extension pages.

Tabs Outliner

Next Generation Session/Windows/Tabs Manager and Too_Many_Open_Tabs Solution That Really Works.

Frame two pages

Merge the active tab and the previous one into a frameset.

Once you click at the extension's icon, the current tab will be merged with the previous one (on the left) into a frameset with two columns (frames) or rows (options offer 3 buttons: rows/columns/ad_hoc). They'll be ordered in the same way as the tabs (left, right).

In other words, your physical screen will be split into two areas.

If the current window only has one tab, you'll be asked about the URL of the left frame. Recursive frames work - e.g. if you activate the extension on a new tab - but each smaller frame's URL has to be typed manually ("same origin policy").

This gadget may be helpful if you are e.g. translating one page to another page or otherwise editing a text, using two windows.

Split Screen

Prompts the user for two URL addresses and then displays both in one window!

Opens a new tab and prompts the user for two URL's, then displays both sites on one page. Great for cross-reference studying and surfing the web in general! Watch a video, (or wait for it to buffer) while you surf another webpage.

Dual View Split Screen

Splits the screen into two vertical tiles. Dual View Split Screen lets you split your screen into two vertical tiles. You are able to view two different pages side by side which comes in handy when you want to compare content, translate content and so on.

Click on the screen icon in your browser bar. You will be asked to provide the URL of the left window. Then you will be asked for the right window accordingly.

Nothing else to take care of. It is as easy as that. Enjoy!

Alum: Window and tab manager

This extension is for power users who constantly find themselves moving around windows and tabs to maximize usable screen area. The goal is efficiency and reducing RSI. Please see the video at right for a full demo of Alum.


Known issues:


Dualless - For those who don't have dual monitor. Dualless splits your browser windows into two by just 2 clicks. The ratio can be adjusted according to your needs.You may have a browser window showing on the right that occupy 30% of your screen. Then the rest of space leave to Google+.

The extension simulates the environment of dual monitor. Utilize the space for 16:9 monitor.

Chromie: Window and Tab Tools

Manipulates (splits, merges, scrolls, indexes) Chrome's windows with simple clicks.

Tab Resize - split screen layouts

Split Screen Layouts made easy. Automates resizing tab windows to predefined and user defined layouts. A simple extension designed to provide ease in resizing your tabs. A set of default layouts are provided but you can add and remove from the list of layouts to fit your needs.

DEMO video

How it works

Tab Scissors

This simple tab organization tool divides one window into two. If you have at least two tabs in the selected Chrome window, it… This simple tab organization tool divides one window into two. If you have at least two tabs in the selected Chrome window, it will split that window into two smaller side-by-side windows. All the tabs on the left side of the selected tab will stay in the left window, and the rest will move to the window on the right. It is especially helpful for those who have lots of tabs opened at a time. This extension works great with Tab Glue, which will glue all those pesky Chrome windows back together.

Split Meister V

Makes a vertical split by productively moving the tab to the side, instead of using frames. This extension makes a vertical split for vieing two tabs at once. It's accomplished by resizing your current window, and putting the current tab to the right of it.


Browser instead of window manager

Project Tab Manager

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